The Tourism Innovation Partnership for Social Enterprise (TIPSE) is a network of academic researchers and social entrepreneurs committed to promoting social enterprise in the hospitality and tourism sector. TIPSE provides a supportive community for researchers exploring social-entrepreneurial activity and resources and support for social entrepreneurs. 

TIPSE also has links to many educational and other organizations, including Ashoka and Skoll Foundation, who offer considerable support to social entrepreneurs in a range of areas including health, agriculture, gender equality, food production and education. Agendas for research and for education to support social entrepreneurship in many of these areas are well established. However, the potential of social entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality remains little explored. TIPSE welcomes links and partnerships with other educational bodies and social enterprises to help facilitate this work.



TIPSE is a Tourism Education Futures Initiative Special Interest Group

TIPSE is a special interest group of TEFI, the Tourism Education Futures Initiative, an international network of over 350 tourism educators and related professionals who seek to provide vision, knowledge and a framework for tourism education and its role in creating sustainable tourism futures.




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